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Andrew Trujillo
Andrew Trujillo 7 orë më parë
Not enough space to say it all. But here's the gist. We love you, yes we'll miss you when you don't post but we love you. Take care of yourself. Just let us know how your doing cuz we worry. 😊
TranscendentGaming 7 orë më parë
Wait. You were gone? Was I watching old suggested vids 🤔
Roxas Salas
Roxas Salas 7 orë më parë
Love you Jake take your time :) I can wait to see you when your 100%
Lord Headass
Lord Headass 7 orë më parë
Nice Bo Burnham reference.
AllyShotgun **
AllyShotgun ** 7 orë më parë
*"Big beautiful buff baby bouncing boy."* -Jacksepticeye
Jeff Rogers
Jeff Rogers 7 orë më parë
You cannot take care of others until you first take care of yourself.
Its_Ian 7 orë më parë
Bro we love you no matter what you could take a year break you know we’d all support you and be excited when you show back up ❤️
Blade 7 orë më parë
I'm here to Support you. We have to be humans at first
allmusicplays 7 orë më parë
"i need to get away from me, and no offence away from you as well". Well aint that some dandy good ol lessons he is teaching us about boundaries.
Elliana 7 orë më parë
we love u man <3 take all the time you ever need, we'll be here even if we need to wait 20 million years for you to feel better !! dont pressure yourself into making content, we love you for who you are, not for how often you upload !
João Branco
João Branco 7 orë më parë
4:23 take all the breaks that you need we'll be here
Josh williams
Josh williams 7 orë më parë
take all the time tou need to get better
Zaid Zainal
Zaid Zainal 7 orë më parë
Welcome back, Jack. Take care of your health first, work comes second
Monster Batinator
Monster Batinator 7 orë më parë
CDs are good
Belal Mansour
Belal Mansour 7 orë më parë
Hey Jack! We don't care if you don't post for a day because of your health We don't care if you don't post for a day because you didn't feel like it We don't care if you have to take a year break because you have asthma Get fucking better first man -Your entire fanbase
Lara Doney
Lara Doney 7 orë më parë
Jack, please don't feel bad for taking time off. Look after yourself, you are your number 1 priority in life. Yes we missed you but we want you to be the best you can be, we love you and we want you to look after yourself. We are all here for you no matter what! You need time off sometimes, everyone needs time of at life sometimes. We all get it. Get better and hope to see you soon <3
sathyajeeth v
sathyajeeth v 7 orë më parë
Get well soon broo...❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Steviemaster 7 orë më parë
hay man, no worries! You could take a full year of breaks and we'd still love you the same amount. The human body is a pile of burning garbage and a mistake to all nature (i should know, been having back and joint pains for years, i have type 1 diabetes, my mental health looks less like a sheet of paper and more like a slice of cheese and i'm only 18 years old (soon 19, mostly thanks to you sean), you get the point), but seeing you take time off and try to deal with your problems best is just... the best. You deserve your own time to (yes, ironic) take a deep breath and settle down a bit. Hell, you could be making 1 video every 3 months and we'd still have buckets of love to pour into your comment sections! So seeing you, despite your health problems, take time to put quality content on this platform is... really inspiring me. I work full-time at a pretty okay paying job, but i set one of my new year's resolutions to start putting videos on youtube or to start streaming... because i want to make other people smile with the things i do, just like you. No i don't want promotion... mainly because 95% of the money i earn right now go to my parents and driver's license... but when i have the second one there off the list, you bet your butt i'm upgrading my gaming rig! Thank you for being the diamond you are. much love
May Downing
May Downing 7 orë më parë
Huh, I'm on those and have terrible acid reflux, should probably bring that up to my doctor
Ejdzbiol91 7 orë më parë
Honestly, I know you wanted to make a health check, but as an aspiring creator/artist nothing gets me more pumped then you getting inspired and creative again. I had the same reaction after Bo Burnhams Inside, it is just so inspiring! It’s not even that funny, it’s just creativity of a year blended into one hour… what a special! Anyway, take all the time you need and find your way creatively. We will be waiting :)
Comment Spae
Comment Spae 7 orë më parë
MLG culture is the most stereotypical gamer thing to exist on the planet, nothing coming close to the insecurity that can be sensed from there
Comment Spae
Comment Spae 7 orë më parë
not only stereotypical in the gamer sense but ABSOLUTELY the masculine sense
AsH 7 orë më parë
Take your time jack!
Hamza Shishani
Hamza Shishani 7 orë më parë
Erazor 7 orë më parë
Hold on are we just gonna ignore the title 😃
me K
me K 7 orë më parë
08:47:47 Hell yeah Perturbator!!! I thought for a second my own Music was playing until I realized it was still from the stream xD Jack has some good taste in music!
Ashton Elliot
Ashton Elliot 7 orë më parë
I would say u look like a 98
Merry Merrymead
Merry Merrymead 7 orë më parë
Cheers for the update. Go create, and thanks for the recs.
Ajdin Fejzić
Ajdin Fejzić 7 orë më parë
It’s honestly a bit annoying when u scream into the mic every time the holo’s swap
scorpion x
scorpion x 7 orë më parë
Notice that no circle was screaming at that square with Heart
H3ap9 7 orë më parë
please play kill it with fire again
tristan wallis
tristan wallis 7 orë më parë
I always repeat his episodes
sarah 7 orë më parë
I have similar issues.. gaming anxiety and guilt from taking breaks. Seeing you state your priorities and justifying taking a break is psychotherapy for me 😂 But seriously, thank you. Everything will be fine, take care of yourself.
triadix 7 orë më parë
just watched 'INSIDE' after this, it explains the title XD
Adriel Smart
Adriel Smart 7 orë më parë
my mom has acid reflux and i feel bad for you
Bradiboi Was Taken
Bradiboi Was Taken 7 orë më parë
Ava Lee
Ava Lee 7 orë më parë
the most iconic duo is mario and sonic making out
Miriam Emilie
Miriam Emilie 7 orë më parë
Forever and always the SWEETEST, most genuine human! What a creator, what a beautiful guy. Get better! Your health needs to come first, and hopefully you will feel better soon ❤️ But that guilt. NAH NAH NAH NAH. Stop it!
PsychoBoy 7 orë më parë
I actually shat my self
Jaden Jay
Jaden Jay 7 orë më parë
corona time
Riley Rayne
Riley Rayne 7 orë më parë
I missed you jack!!
AABD 7 orë më parë
Google says: At first glance they look like undies or a diaper, but they're just really short pants
Poo Poop
Poo Poop 7 orë më parë
Just wondering but did u get ur title from Bo Burnham inside
FELIX 7 orë më parë
We missed you. I hope you get better soon.
Alpha Student
Alpha Student 7 orë më parë
am i the only one who didn't pay attention to anything Jack was saying and was just focused on his earrings cus you can just see through it? ............... adhd ig
FailedFairytales22 7 orë më parë
Idk why I haven’t watched this yet(I mean I already knew) but now I am after seeing the new trailer, and honestly I’m just so happy for our boy. Seeing the channel and him grownup is really cool and to see that this actually happened, like it’s happening is amazing. Much love and much proud
Kalinda Little
Kalinda Little 7 orë më parë
hey homie, don't feel bad about taking breaks :) we all love you and want you to take care of yourself !! i hope you start feeling better soon x
Lochlann Bridger
Lochlann Bridger 8 orë më parë
on the first clip i could feel my hands feeling annoying cos they were making sweat and my hands then started sweating lol
Lochlann Bridger
Lochlann Bridger 7 orë më parë
at te end of this my hands were super sweaty
Adriel Smart
Adriel Smart 8 orë më parë
yes I missed you jack welcome back
S P E E D W E E D 8 orë më parë
As a fellow Dude i can confirm this is every Dudes daily life
Rex Galilae
Rex Galilae 8 orë më parë
This playthrough goes to show how important a decent tutorial is. It's either too boring or skips important details entirely
UHCKING KING 8 orë më parë
Whenever I do take time-away my brain starts actually getting creative again" - so true for all kind of people, any sorts of job. Really important to remember take care of your mental health to actually do something and give your brain way to actually process all things that happened to you in rest mode. Thank you Sean for your little vacation, you deserve it.
Jaidan Hanshaw
Jaidan Hanshaw 8 orë më parë
Much love, Sean. Take as much time as you need and feel better soon 💗💗
Monster Batinator
Monster Batinator 8 orë më parë
How do you not know magic mesh? I grew up with it, and it's sooo SHIT,!!! Unreliable
Aj Barbaria
Aj Barbaria 8 orë më parë
I know this sounds crazy, but if you smoke green look up (CHS). Has some of the acid reflux stuff and can cause just what you said. Get health man! <3
Wesley Wood
Wesley Wood 8 orë më parë
I don't mind waiting for you to upload as I keep going back through your playlists and I hope everyone does and feels the same way. Take your time bud, we are all here and will wait for you to do what you need to do.
Ali Khan
Ali Khan 8 orë më parë
I know how you feel jacksepticeye with mental illness, or just mental health issues and I understand what you mean by with not knowing the problems with your mind or body with what has been happening over the years. You have alot of people who follow and enjoy the video with content you made. I really do understand where you coming from and I hope you will recover from what ever that could be the issue with you jacksepticeye.
Tony 8 orë më parë
“Understand how you feel , and then do things because you feel good , not be cause you “have to”.” You we’ll get better, you have all the time in the world. Make sure this doesn’t happen again.
Anders Lylund
Anders Lylund 8 orë më parë
Play Biomutant 👍
Demolation Nation
Demolation Nation 8 orë më parë
i have a list of content idea i wish you could try please notice.
Jason Rushby
Jason Rushby 8 orë më parë
Yea you where missed but take care of your self
CinnamonIsNice 8 orë më parë
Also Jack I really hope you are able to get better!!
Daniel Rogan
Daniel Rogan 8 orë më parë
Kai D.
Kai D. 8 orë më parë
im dealing with the exact same thing breathing issues wise. ive not been diagnosed with asthma but i have severe anxiety and was recently prescribed anti depressants and anti anxiety medication and while some symptoms got better, breathing, which was the main issue, is still affecting me a lot. i understand how frustrating it can be and how SCARY it can be so i really hope you and I both figure out what’s causing it. Take time away to focus on your health, we all understand!
CinnamonIsNice 8 orë më parë
Wait wait is the title referring to inside?
ParafromYT ΔΔΔ
ParafromYT ΔΔΔ 8 orë më parë
I was screaming at him to take the radiation suit off
zvezde 8 orë më parë
jack you should never feel guilty we all love you a lot a huge number of us care about you and your health more than our own entertainment so please don't worry or ever feel that guilt i hope this reassures you <3
SSE 8 orë më parë
Your health should always be first, take care of yourself and take as much time off as you need, we'll be here for ya when you feel better! 💚
G 8 orë më parë
look i made you some contenttttt daddy made you your favorite open wideee but seriously we love u dw abt anything but feeling your best
RandomGuyInACorner Lol
RandomGuyInACorner Lol 8 orë më parë
Easy to say but take the time you need. The fans who actually likes you will be here whenever you're ready
Hector Bruce
Hector Bruce 8 orë më parë
I know you said you aren't here to give medical advice, but I've been on SSRIs for almost 2 years and I never thought that they could be the cause of my mad crazy reflux... it does make sense though! I'll have a word with my GP as I need a prescription review this month. Thanks for breaking down the stigma related to both mental and physical illness, take care of yourself, we're all always here for you 💚
Satsujin Jiken
Satsujin Jiken 8 orë më parë
Whats with the title
Gretel Ward
Gretel Ward 8 orë më parë
missed you but so syked for free guy
DerpTheRay ;-;
DerpTheRay ;-; 8 orë më parë
Is it just me or when you're feeling sad or just run-down in general and someone approaches you by saying "You look sad :(" or "You look tired :(" it's really triggering? Like you know they mean well but it's kind of a 'No shiz Sherlock' moment: it's like rubbing salt into a wound because some people (like me) try and hide if you're sad/tired and pointing it out makes you think 'Is it really that obvious?' and makes it seem worse. Might just be me tho-
Yeep Meep
Yeep Meep 8 orë më parë
dude if theres something wrong just take more brakes i guess. just rest. idk i stay up until 3am on youtube so yeah. just rest or play video games. whatever makes you feel the happy chemical.
Nasturia 8 orë më parë
I'm sorry the last year was so tough for you. We'll always be here to greet you after any break
Scott Hilke
Scott Hilke 8 orë më parë
I personal deal with the same issue. I was born with asthma. Sometimes for me if it suddenly gets humid out. It can be difficult to breathe and the air feels heavy. Stay safe and breathe well, sir.
Demolation Nation
Demolation Nation 8 orë më parë
it is okay jacky boy we shall be here for you
Gemononis Roblox
Gemononis Roblox 8 orë më parë
ah yes this was in my reccomnned 5 years later
_.YukI._ 8 orë më parë
tbh i think jack knows a lot about going down in the deep end
Trent Ong
Trent Ong 8 orë më parë
Don't worry Jack, I wear Invisalign too. It hurts.