Is that a CRUISE SHIP?? | Raft

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I'm wet and I'm on a raft
Twitter 🐥: Jack_Septic_Eye
Instagram 📷: jacksepticeye
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XCBoyer 14 ditë më parë
•Mišt Møchi•
•Mišt Møchi• 15 ditë më parë
Ireland: *The Sequel*
Danielle Caron
Danielle Caron 16 ditë më parë
Part 2?
Steo R
Steo R 17 ditë më parë
Like seeing all the Irish lads playing we just need someone from Dublin now
Abdul Mannaan
Abdul Mannaan 22 ditë më parë
Little does he know his dad wws gonna pass away no I'm not a bot srry Jack
Mirza Ramish Baig
Mirza Ramish Baig 23 ditë më parë
Keira Avery-McGillvray
Keira Avery-McGillvray 29 ditë më parë
"this is a game for babies" *cant get back on raft*
Ya Boi Wassup
Ya Boi Wassup Muaj më parë
A same game like this mobile is free and of only 55 mb
Zachie Boi
Zachie Boi Muaj më parë
There were coconuts in everything hhah
X.T Gaming
X.T Gaming Muaj më parë
Whats your gaming setup?
The WolfKnight
The WolfKnight Muaj më parë
James Smithers
James Smithers Muaj më parë
32:36 🎵Seagulls. Stop it now🎵
DJrobber Muaj më parë
So am I the only person that notices the description game shows minecraft
Leandro Del Rosario
Leandro Del Rosario Muaj më parë
Ireland 2, baby!
Nicole Michalska
Nicole Michalska Muaj më parë
ah yes thanks youtube this is a great game of minecraft
Team Torch
Team Torch Muaj më parë
29:51 did yall see the ergonomics on that chair?!?!?
otis hawkridge
otis hawkridge Muaj më parë
This cruise ship was really owned by schrute farms.
Mr. Zeasly
Mr. Zeasly Muaj më parë
There’s an echo in his microphone
The person who comments Egg on every video TM
The person who comments Egg on every video TM Muaj më parë
Snaga Muaj më parë
'Well we're in a storm' 'Are we?!' such a UK and Ireland reaction haha
R&M gg
R&M gg Muaj më parë
Do more raft episodes please, i really like raft especially yall are the best raft youtubers so continue please
cancerl233 Muaj më parë
Agreed I really enjoy these Relaxing to just listen to them banter on lol
inferno plays
inferno plays Muaj më parë
I just wanted to ruin the moment 10/10
Nico Stangborli
Nico Stangborli Muaj më parë
there is someone on 37:33 ://
Danger Noodle
Danger Noodle Muaj më parë
31:45 "that's bigger than most children."
clone X23
clone X23 Muaj më parë
Anyone else see the figure in the doorway at 37:33 ???
YouTubeShark4 YTS4
YouTubeShark4 YTS4 Muaj më parë
Chase Erwin
Chase Erwin Muaj më parë
Ireland 2: Electric Boogaloo
Blooberry Skunk
Blooberry Skunk Muaj më parë
OMG we need a Raft series with these boys! Please bring more
Sol Muaj më parë
How bout instead of Ireland 2 it’s Ireraft
Aza Stark
Aza Stark Muaj më parë
THAT'S NOT A *_RAT!!??!_*
Michał Szeremeta
Michał Szeremeta Muaj më parë
This is much better than standup.
# ILIKECHIKENI8U Muaj më parë
I’m waiting for him to find the rats lol
# ILIKECHIKENI8U Muaj më parë
Bruh I thought it would’ve been funnier
i love this build raft and weapons random items go random island's with friends.
James VanGuilder
James VanGuilder Muaj më parë
the wind wacker moment :) :D
jedediahsabri Muaj më parë
They're definitely Irish, calling child sized abominations rats. Yup. Lmao
Joseph Morrison
Joseph Morrison Muaj më parë
I love how he shoots the shark wenn it's like 7 inches away 😂
mr turtle
mr turtle Muaj më parë
Jack play hell split arena if you haven't already
Cpt. Meatbag Meatballs
Cpt. Meatbag Meatballs Muaj më parë
Is it just me, or did Jack drop a link to Minecraft in the description below the video?
Suffeh LeStorm
Suffeh LeStorm Muaj më parë
When ya be irish and still have issues understandin what the heck is bein said
KirkyLerky Muaj më parë
"you far too polite lads" "fuck off kevin"
Abdullah Erhayel
Abdullah Erhayel Muaj më parë
play stranded deep
sharle legreck
sharle legreck Muaj më parë
I want that camera angle
Trevkon •
Trevkon • Muaj më parë
"I fuckin love windwaker." nostalgia time
Motivational Lizard
Motivational Lizard Muaj më parë
One of them sounds Geordie
Aalt M
Aalt M Muaj më parë
27:48 Da Vinky???
James VanGuilder
James VanGuilder Muaj më parë
plz play more raft
James VanGuilder
James VanGuilder Muaj më parë
Lil ducky
Lil ducky Muaj më parë
John R.
John R. Muaj më parë
u can also kill one shot with a spear bird
John R.
John R. Muaj më parë
u plant trees in big one u plant watermelon and pineapple in med sized one and potatoes and stuff in small one u missed a crate in the commander s room
M.T Room
M.T Room Muaj më parë
I love how he got excited because he could see out a window 😂
Toothie Tooth
Toothie Tooth Muaj më parë
I read the title as "cursed ship" but honestly cursed ship and cruise ship is basically the same thing right now 🤷
Iron Stickman
Iron Stickman 2 muaj më parë
epic gamer mabye
epic gamer mabye 2 muaj më parë
is that nogla?
sharkhandz808 2 muaj më parë
Does anyone else find this new thing he's doing where he turns to talk to a different camera forced and phoney and insulting to your intellect, or is it just me?
Astrid Miller
Astrid Miller Muaj më parë
And please kindly explain to me how is talking to your chat or camera insulting to one's intellect?
Astrid Miller
Astrid Miller Muaj më parë
And you didn't even answer my question, I was asking you what was so forced, phoney and so insulting to your so called "intellect".
Astrid Miller
Astrid Miller Muaj më parë
Do me a favor and re read what you commented, and then tell me why I called you a boomer. I don't give a crap about your age, it's about your comment. Just accept the fact that you were overreacting over the change in his camera setting.
sharkhandz808 Muaj më parë
@Astrid Miller well seeing as I am the same age as he is, would that make me a boomer? Maybe, idk lol. I think Jack is past his prime, and I guess I am to.😪
Astrid Miller
Astrid Miller Muaj më parë
"Forced, phoney and insulting to your intellect" in what way?? You sound like a boomer to be honest.
Jake-_- 2 muaj më parë
Keven seems so fucking anoying to play with like I honestly I would’ve just left 30mins in just from what Kevin’s don
Dr. Spidzz
Dr. Spidzz 2 muaj më parë
I’m still mad he didn’t call his coffee “Cup Of Morning”, he missed out on that opportunity.
Josh Betland
Josh Betland 2 muaj më parë
jack play the new zelda game
fuunygurl10 2 muaj më parë
Shout out to Robin for 19:07 I genuinely almost spit out my drink
Aimee Simmons
Aimee Simmons 2 muaj më parë
my god... listening to you three is pure ear candy.
David Vader
David Vader 2 muaj më parë
The feeble feigned scorpio fourthly tap because rabbit customarily blot anenst a odd bird. sharp, boiling lake
Ram Muerto Animations
Ram Muerto Animations 2 muaj më parë
"I dropped the anchor when the song started" Sean: ... 🤣🤣🤣
toastie was here
toastie was here 2 muaj më parë
daithi is just dying in the corner
Naked Man
Naked Man 2 muaj më parë
they should invite terroriser three irish musketeers
Shrek Wazowski Wheres Your Swamp
Shrek Wazowski Wheres Your Swamp 2 muaj më parë
Whens the next raft stream? Im excited for it lol
Don Mcginniss
Don Mcginniss 2 muaj më parë
Can I just say I appericate the Windwaker Nostalgia! Ahh good times!
Treason 2 muaj më parë
17:04 "are you alright Dahi?" Captions? "Are you alright daddy?" 💀
Nathan Lehn
Nathan Lehn 2 muaj më parë
Best 40 minutes of my life.
Marley Marz
Marley Marz 2 muaj më parë
Dem Iyerlind buys arr a fokin class act ie tell ya
xxxpandaxxxae 2 muaj më parë
Jack: actually working Nogla: FUK THAT SHARK Kevin: building office for bran
Chair E
Chair E 2 muaj më parë
here is a epic insult to your enimies: your moms bellybutton is a outie
Cody Uhl
Cody Uhl 2 muaj më parë
Sean please play Beat Just beats and shapes
Joe R
Joe R 2 muaj më parë
Ireland 2 already exists, they nicknamed it Newfoundland.
Christian Staten
Christian Staten 2 muaj më parë
Anyone know what chair Jacksepticeye is using?
clampfan101 2 muaj më parë
5:33 “What do you mean, ‘That’s it?’? Did you want it to do your f***ing taxes as well?” 🤣
Z-Byte 2 muaj më parë
...I looked at description and I'm fuckin' losing it. Game: Minecraft
kelsey hartman
kelsey hartman 2 muaj më parë
anyone hear that super quiet echo whenever sean talks? kinda keeping me distracted but also entertained
Aiden Sandoval
Aiden Sandoval 2 muaj më parë
エリック 2 muaj më parë
You need to collab with some scots. Need an Irish vs. Scottish raft.
Glitch Head
Glitch Head 2 muaj më parë
The coconuts are right there jack!
HimakoHime 2 muaj më parë
Omg he met Kevin!
Breanna Bartholomew
Breanna Bartholomew 2 muaj më parë
Jack you and your friends are stupid scrap mechanic is a game that is a duck in scrap mechanic Top
Breanna Bartholomew
Breanna Bartholomew 2 muaj më parë
Also is nogla in this or someone that sounds like him?
Breanna Bartholomew
Breanna Bartholomew 2 muaj më parë
I can't believe that jack missed he had coconuts 4 times
Breanna Bartholomew
Breanna Bartholomew 2 muaj më parë
In this video I heard jack in the others volume p.s.I don't know if I said the right thing at the end
TLAizaakZtriker 2 muaj më parë
Apparently this game is Minecraft according to ALmores.
D.O.T.H 2 muaj më parë
38:11 - Spongebob!?
Man I Have long hair
Man I Have long hair 2 muaj më parë
captain26 2 muaj më parë
26:36 every parent asking about a problem of unknown origin. *silence* then *Nervous giggles*
Branden Burnell
Branden Burnell 2 muaj më parë
I love wind whacker!
Dreamcatcher 802
Dreamcatcher 802 2 muaj më parë
Pls more raft?!?!?!
904. Yusif
904. Yusif 2 muaj më parë
Where did the cat go
Kevin Hugman-Nelson
Kevin Hugman-Nelson 2 muaj më parë
They've already got nice walls and clean design. Its already better than Mark's raft XD
Rifat Indra
Rifat Indra 2 muaj më parë
3:51 the thickness is killing me
Joseph Myers jr
Joseph Myers jr 2 muaj më parë
Lol he dropped the anchor on him when jack was paddling I lol 😂
wesley herrick
wesley herrick 2 muaj më parë
The music is awesome because it’s from Zelda wind waker
Foxy 87
Foxy 87 2 muaj më parë
You should play skyrim
RobTheGingerBread 2 muaj më parë
Where is the green hair 😡😠😠
RobTheGingerBread Muaj më parë
@Shihab Ahmed I didn’t realise lol
Shihab Ahmed
Shihab Ahmed 2 muaj më parë
Look at the newer episodes, this vid has no green hair because it was recorded before he dyed his hair, he just uploaded it later
Alana G
Alana G 2 muaj më parë
14:22 no comments needed
TIY-EE 2 muaj më parë
Finbar is a classic name.
Grace Barton
Grace Barton 2 muaj më parë
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