WHAT DID ALAN HIDE FROM US? | Subnautica Below Zero [ENDING]

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What did Alan hide from us? Is he lying? Find out in the ending of Subnautica Below Zero
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Logan Nelson
Logan Nelson 4 minuta më parë
With the sequel turning Subnautica into a full franchise, fans are left wondering if we’ll get a third game. According to Below Zero’s Director David Kalina, the answer is yes … eventually.
Shirokodaki Orë më parë
And thankfully, it's confirmed that there will eventually be a third game. But for now I can leave satisfied knowing that this kind of game is around.
Nowa Ottsel
Nowa Ottsel 2 orë më parë
I honestly disliked the Ending. We literally played the Early Access waiting for the Ending to come with the Full Game and then it's a Cliffhanger. Dont get me wrong it looked cool and all, but i was expecting more from them. And the Music in the End of the first Game was WAY more kicking.
Stupidt 2 orë më parë
Theory: alan was in prisoned and we let him out. never mind xd he is nice
Faux 4 orë më parë
They set it up so well for a next version/ game
WildChild85 5 orë më parë
You scream while normally talking like somebody puts a thumb in one of your body openings.
ByDragonZ 9 orë më parë
"Subnautica 3 - Unknown Worlds" would be an amazing game title ngl
Romm Tech
Romm Tech 10 orë më parë
Sean being “harsh” is no different than any other persons preferences to any other specific game type or other game’s quality. Sean has played so many games across so many genres that he’s gained the skills and knowledge necessary to be a reputable mind for gameplay quality, game design, storytelling, etc. he’s got my vote.
M-H12 55 minuta më parë
@Romm Tech So you think his experience with the game is more reliable than your own?
Romm Tech
Romm Tech 5 orë më parë
@M-H12 Indeed I have.
M-H12 6 orë më parë
But have you played the game?
Nathan Saywer
Nathan Saywer 10 orë më parë
watched the whole series in one day love you jack my childhood cheer me up kinda guy love you keep it up congrats on 27.2M
Nullifier 11 orë më parë
Nautica: pressing charges, you need to be Al-ANs defense attorney as they press charges of endangering the whole of the architects
Linked wastaken
Linked wastaken 13 orë më parë
Hey jack im not sure if you know but in the original subnautica there is an object called Jacks septic tank
Springlock_songs 14 orë më parë
Crystal Turgeon
Crystal Turgeon 14 orë më parë
I know some people aren't talking about this but I kinda feel a bit.. Sad. I WANT MORE SUBNAUTICA I DON'T WANT THIS TO ENDDDD :(
Jurassic_Red 15 orë më parë
6:28 he knew he f'd up
fancydeer 17 orë më parë
I don't like the way this story is laid out. it's very easy to miss main story points. the first one did a much better job with presenting the main story line and building the world.
Sergeant Speed
Sergeant Speed 17 orë më parë
I'm thoroughly disappointed how simple the story was in this game.
Katherine Lockert
Katherine Lockert 18 orë më parë
Kinda disappointed in the story line, I liked the early access part of things better it had more interesting aspects to it, Love the spy pengling though
SaucyRD 20 orë më parë
bring back the old outro
Emmett Every
Emmett Every 20 orë më parë
sean just because the specific COVID-19 vaccine happens to be somewhat effective at other strains does not mean that every single virus or bacteria that exists is also the same. Why do you think we don’t have a cure for the common cold
RuggedComa 17 orë më parë
@Emmett Every woops sorry didn't mean to send 50 million notifications
Emmett Every
Emmett Every 18 orë më parë
@RuggedComa my guy stfu
RuggedComa 19 orë më parë
flu vaccine exists you guys didn't freak out when that came out
RuggedComa 19 orë më parë
flu vaccine exists you guys didn't freak out when that came out
RuggedComa 19 orë më parë
flu vaccine exists you guys didn't freak out when that came out
Coal Fenrir
Coal Fenrir 20 orë më parë
Yo did Al-an just admit his feelings for Robin!
Matthew sause
Matthew sause 21 orë më parë
The final deep dark down deep down
Hogan Donahue
Hogan Donahue 21 orë më parë
I wonder if there will be a SN3
Fishy Plays
Fishy Plays 21 orë më parë
Are you going to make any others new episode on blow zero
Jase Regalado
Jase Regalado 22 orë më parë
Please play biomutant next
Buggabugga16 :3
Buggabugga16 :3 22 orë më parë
But.. Potato🥺 Robin left him behind!
HYPER BAT MAPPING 22 orë më parë
HYPER BAT MAPPING 4 orë më parë
@GlaDOS gay
GlaDOS 4 orë më parë
I don't think I understand, u mean dislike u?
Trevor Productions
Trevor Productions 23 orë më parë
Hogan Donahue
Hogan Donahue 23 orë më parë
That shadow encounter was amazing lmfao
flamewalker04 Ditë më parë
While it was a fun experience, it definitely didn't have the emotional impact of the first one. Part of that is probably from having played extensively on the first one... It really gave a great sense of dread and a lack of time... you really felt alone and desperate. It kinda felt like Jack's playthrough for me too... A bit stale and the story felt a bit rushed. Nothing to truly cling on to like in the first one (the thing in the first being loneliness and survival). All in all it was enjoyable experience. I hope their next project doesn't just feel like an expansion pack to subnautica.
ChilledFish88 Ditë më parë
Dude you should play the mod for the original subnautica return of the ancients. Hope your feeling better soon 👍
Landy Ditë më parë
you should revisit slime rancher
Fronk Bing Bong
Fronk Bing Bong Ditë më parë
*Emily is away 3* Out NOW
Nicholas Grubb
Nicholas Grubb Ditë më parë
jack: posts everyday for two weeks jack: quits
Nicholas Grubb
Nicholas Grubb 22 orë më parë
@AndersonGames02 o I didnt know that
AndersonGames02 23 orë më parë
he's been having asthma issues.
Astrid Miller
Astrid Miller Ditë më parë
He got sick tho..
English Addiction
English Addiction Ditë më parë
We miss you man. Are you OK? Haven't you recovered yet? Let us know
AndersonGames02 23 orë më parë
asthma issues
skverpi Ditë më parë
do you remember the game called mr.hop there is a prequal to the first game you can play it now!
Angel Mag
Angel Mag Ditë më parë
Jack can you play roblox
Woof Ditë më parë
Respect peoples opinions, you guys are so immature, your parents needed to teach you some manners. Every game that is successful you guys always find a way to trash talk about it. I remember I was like this when I was 12..kids lmao
Default Ditë më parë
BeeBeekickbutt Ditë më parë
Roblox sucks
NavySailor2021 Ditë më parë
It’s been 2 weeks, you ok Jack?
AndersonGames02 23 orë më parë
asthma issues
Creeperman 21
Creeperman 21 Ditë më parë
Does Sean not have any merch?
Creeperman 21
Creeperman 21 4 orë më parë
@GlaDOS yea but I wanted a shirt from him at least
GlaDOS 4 orë më parë
He has a coffee business that's the closest I think lol
Aimee Jackson
Aimee Jackson Ditë më parë
Jack I've been watching your videos for so long and subscribe for so long
Janice Mossholder
Janice Mossholder Ditë më parë
When are you going to make a new video?
Biron06 Ditë më parë
he said on his twitter that he has health problems (asthma i think) and he will be back soon
Derpy Cattington
Derpy Cattington Ditë më parë
anyone else know why jack no upload?? me sad
Biron06 Ditë më parë
Oh yeah he said on his twitter that he has health problems (asthma i think) and he will be back soon
Biron06 Ditë më parë
Idk thats kinda weird
Rebecca Johnson
Rebecca Johnson Ditë më parë
My penis is unbelievably small, but
My penis is unbelievably small, but Ditë më parë
Awesome series Jack, loved it! It’s just something about the way you play games that makes it good, I literally think you could do anything and it would still be awesome!
Goro Majima
Goro Majima Ditë më parë
Just to let everybody know he is taking a break for health reasons to do with his asthma. Said he will be back as soon as he can. Check his twitter page
That Belgian Guy
That Belgian Guy Ditë më parë
me looking trough this comment section cause he hasnt posted new vids for me to look in 2 weeks
Biron06 Ditë më parë
he said on his twitter that he has health problems (asthma i think) and he will be back soon
John Laverty
John Laverty Ditë më parë
Jack gets saved when the leviathan gets stuck. First series the leviathan just goes through the mountains
Lilith Rose
Lilith Rose Ditë më parë
Jack should play Wandersong, maybe he'd enjoy it! :)
Rawhlol Ditë më parë
Why isn't he uploading?
Biron06 Ditë më parë
he said on his twitter that he has health problems (asthma i think) and he will be back soon
plug in gaming
plug in gaming Ditë më parë
He's talking a break for his health
ParzivalGaming Ditë më parë
The devs have stated that there will be a sequel though it might take a while due to adding subnautica to other platforms, keeping the game itself running, and they’ve stated that they are in the midst of creating a new game not of the subnautica franchise.
Redeemable Ditë më parë
After recording 2 Triple AAA games in a row, I'm sure Jack needs a break.
Trainboii 4
Trainboii 4 Ditë më parë
So now you disappeared ya my fav youtuber disappeared
Trainboii 4
Trainboii 4 Ditë më parë
@plug in gaming oh
plug in gaming
plug in gaming Ditë më parë
He's taking a break
Annibelle Cooley
Annibelle Cooley Ditë më parë
People have been asking for Ori and the Will of the Wisps. Please play.
Tumanday Terrenz Luiz
Tumanday Terrenz Luiz Ditë më parë
The takeaway from this series: "I can't remember" and "Honey, I'm Jack!"
Jack olantern
Jack olantern Ditë më parë
Didnt you say you were gonna do more fortnite?
dragonfly O11O9
dragonfly O11O9 Ditë më parë
Two games you should really try out Jack or Sean. Stick it to the stick man and albion online. They are both free but really good games.
『・Kuro Doma・』
『・Kuro Doma・』 Ditë më parë
i miss the old vid :>
Tsuki Samauwu
Tsuki Samauwu Ditë më parë
Missing jack rn
Tsuki Samauwu
Tsuki Samauwu 6 orë më parë
@Biron06 I already saw that it just been a while since the loud irish noises
Biron06 Ditë më parë
Yeah he said on his twitter that he has health problems (asthma i think) and he will be back soon
PersonThatBreathes Ditë më parë
just remembered when alan mentioned the 27 species and the karaa bacteria being able to learn to infect all of the DNA species. Then remembered the original subnautica where the player got infected. So the architects could potentially of had human DNA
Silke Denteneer
Silke Denteneer Ditë më parë
I kinda liked the nuanced approach. Your sister (and Parvan) did got killed because of an accident because your sister was attempting to end questionable research. You could call Sam being negligent in Alterra's perspective, since it did end up killing Parvan too. (all that paperwork..) Not a set-up murder or anything. Yes, Alterra did dip its feet in very questionable research and your sister did step above being a corporate sheep of Alterra (as you hoped she would) and died in an attempt to pursue and act on her conscience and belief (that's your comfort), but it's nothing more than that. Also, with such a nuanced outcome, it did leave Robin motivated to go with Al-an. If Sam was still alive, Robin would have stayed with her sister. If Alterra was truly evil and killed your sister, you would have the incentive to go after Alterra out of vengeance to resolve things that way. But now, after Sam's story line, there is no big bad. Like Robin said to Al-an after she completes Sam's work to cure the frozen leviathan, "things are resolved." So, why not go with Al-an? For me, the story is strong because you enter the planet with a certain mindset (finding out what happened to your sister), and leaving it with a complete different one. (Venturing out in deep space with an architect.) The final 10-5 minutes are on par with the ending of the first Subnautica. Maybe even better. The first game is all about surviving and curing yourself. The second, in my eyes, is all about changing perspective. Also, I think they had to tone down the "Alterra being bad" aspect a bit too, considering the current stage we are in with Covid and the vaccination proces. Depicting the overseeing Alterra as something malicious with its research on Kharaa infection mutations to discover new advantages / disadvantages, (maybe even weaponizing it), might make people feel a bit uneasy during our time when people are massively and globally moved by larger institutes to get vaccinated.
A little bird told me
A little bird told me Ditë më parë
I actually agree with Jack. I have not played the original game, so this was my first experience with subnautica (aside from watching gameplays). The ambience and game mechanics I loved, but the story felt weak. Alterra did not lie about Sam's death, just omitted the explosion part. So my investigation resulted in nothing, really. As for Al-An, I was hoping for a longer look to the architect's planet. This ending felt... incomplete. As Jack said, a decent game. But it did not live up to my expectations. I felt no real satisfaction or accomplishment in beating the game.
WOW_clapclapclap Ditë më parë
tarraing Jacksepticeye Is fuath liom an oiread sin
Dawson360 Ditë më parë
BakaBule Ditë më parë
I finished Subnautica 1 in about 60 hours, that was after watching several people play it, and not getting lost once For Subnautica Bellow Zero I was lost 3 times, blind playthrew, took time to build a perfect base, and finished in 16 hours... Just feels like the game was supposed to have way more content then it ended with.
Light is Always watching
Light is Always watching Ditë më parë
I remember watching your videos so long ago and I just re discovered your channel
BiGDon1225 Ditë më parë
jack you should play Cyanide & Happiness - Freakpocalypse
Hayden Dever
Hayden Dever Ditë më parë
Sean can you do more vr gaming
Alvin Venedict H. QueaNo
Alvin Venedict H. QueaNo Ditë më parë
Umm Mr. Jack, you know that episode 2 + lockdown special is out now out right so this is my request for now.
Dream Is shit
Dream Is shit Ditë më parë
amethyst Ditë më parë
Where is he?
Biron06 Ditë më parë
he said on his twitter that he has health problems (asthma i think) and he will be back soon
amethyst Ditë më parë
Jessee thx
Jessee Ditë më parë
Read his community tab
TUSHAR MATEY Ditë më parë
2weeks ago 😅
Z U C C Ditë më parë
I stopped watching you like a year ago and just checked out your channel again bc I missed it and you are sooo different. But in a good way.
DCBros Ditë më parë
Where jak
Weapon Metas
Weapon Metas Ditë më parë
I miss the old jacksepticeye
Weapon Metas
Weapon Metas Ditë më parë
I did
Slay All Day
Slay All Day Ditë më parë
So go watch the old jacksepticeye
Tina Chiasson
Tina Chiasson Ditë më parë
Ty so much for showing this series! Btw what did the snowman ever do to you?!
james frields
james frields Ditë më parë
its not that the enzyme could not stop the mutation its they could not get the enzyme from the emperor leviathan.
xx_Taeminecraft_xx Plays
xx_Taeminecraft_xx Plays Ditë më parë
Wait was this a love story...
SolFi X
SolFi X Ditë më parë
So, 2 weeks and no video. Noice.
Jessee Ditë më parë
Read his post on the community tab
Rapirex TM
Rapirex TM Ditë më parë
??? Ditë më parë
Jack what are you doing you haven't posted a video in 2 weeks, now I know that isn't long but a lot of my favorite ALmoresrs aren't posting anything and I'm scared we might loss you too so please post a video soon.
Daffa Agung Narayana
Daffa Agung Narayana Ditë më parë
He's having health issues
Jessee Ditë më parë
Read the post on his community tab
Isaacplayz Ditë më parë
You do realize this guy had a whole video saying how he was glad that people would be fine if he left for a bit and not leave or be upset...
Sunshine Rainfall
Sunshine Rainfall Ditë më parë
Go to the end of the video then press rewind. It drops all the ads, also works with the free movies on ALmores as well.
WinterWolf7812 Ditë më parë
"I will experience the sorrow of ten thousand souls dimming." "With you, I am ready to face whatever awaits." Is someone cutting onions?!?!
Imdeonte Ditë më parë
Love the ending
Alan Miller
Alan Miller Ditë më parë
Jack the video you published on September 18,2020 your real name is Sean mclockin
Shah 2
Shah 2 Ditë më parë
Slay All Day
Slay All Day Ditë më parë
Not even closely spelled correctly.
ryudragonlord1 Ditë më parë
I can't believe Sean knows who CW McCall is
Imastaynoob5 Ditë më parë
HEY! Jack you seriously need to finish trover saves the universe that series was fucking hilarious
I Love Rice
I Love Rice Ditë më parë
Astronaut In The Ocean: The Game
Amokra Ditë më parë
The other good use for the chest is to put all the ingredients for Alan and then you can just carry it and have the space open ... plus you can put one down there and get the the stuff you need and then it will be there when you need it
Forgiveswervo Ditë më parë
Elijah Sallis
Elijah Sallis Ditë më parë
I haven't watched jacksepticeye in a while I forgot how funny he is
James Randall
James Randall Ditë më parë
Bro where you at
James Randall
James Randall Ditë më parë
Oh I see now
Jessee Ditë më parë
His community tab has a post that talks about it
kyleiguess Ditë më parë
@Slay All Day yeah asthma can be really serious sometimes
Slay All Day
Slay All Day Ditë më parë
@James Randall I mean, he was literally suffering from breathing problems brought on by his asthma.
James Randall
James Randall Ditë më parë
Dang I feel like everyone is taking one
Fatal Heart
Fatal Heart Ditë më parë
I hope things are going well with you, sir, and that you are having a fulfilling time. I think only God can make a man whole, but I still hope that a part of Him lightens your days even if that's not something you're into. I only say that because you have been gone for a while and I just wanted you to know we notice, not to stress you out or obligate you, but to let you know that as long as you are willing to brighten our days, you will. And thank you, Jack, for that.
Cooper Guise
Cooper Guise Ditë më parë
why you gotta take a break
Daffa Agung Narayana
Daffa Agung Narayana Ditë më parë
Check his community tab my guy
plug in gaming
plug in gaming Ditë më parë
For his health
Slay All Day
Slay All Day Ditë më parë
For his health? Which is more important than ALmores?
Garrett Mills
Garrett Mills Ditë më parë
I genuinely thought Alan was just gonna go silent and leave on his own for some reason
M-H12 Ditë më parë
Jack passed away 2nd of June for those who don't know. May he rest in peace!
Slay All Day
Slay All Day Ditë më parë
@M-H12 Considering that Sean was trolled by actual people making fun of his fathers recent death makes you a huge, gaping asshole. If you have to announce that you were trolling, you are pretty shit at it. I am pretty damn fun at parties, because I don't have to make dead people jokes to make people notice me. Do better.
M-H12 Ditë më parë
@Slay All Day Maybe that was the purpose? Imagine being this butthurt over a simple troll. Calling me desperate for attention meanwhile you are the one over here moaning. You must be so fun at parties.
Slay All Day
Slay All Day Ditë më parë
@M-H12The only joke I seem to see is you. "DURR HERRR SEAN DEAD" Like jokes are meant to be funny. That was just fucking dumb.
M-H12 Ditë më parë
@Stinkmaster Quite ironic, because that's just what you just did.
M-H12 Ditë më parë
@Slay All Day Wow that's crazy dude, but I still can't piece together how I suddenly became "desperate for attention" over a joke comment.
Roberto Schuster Jr
Roberto Schuster Jr Ditë më parë
Can we just admit Jack should start making his own games cause these ideas he has for games at the end of his play throughs are legendary
10 years ago • 9 months ago
10 years ago • 9 months ago 2 orë më parë
Ferg 723
Ferg 723 Ditë më parë
Hey jack if your reading this you make a video of assassins creed Valhalla wrath of the druids dlc it takes place in Ireland
Stephanzoes Ditë më parë
Man jack has been here with us for so long on ALmores now. He doesn’t even do his iconic intro and outro anymore which is kinda sad and if you take some of his older videos like from happy wheels you can definitely see how he’s changed over the years. It’s just really bizarre to think about so much has changed since then.
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